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Construction Equipment

Components for Construction Equipment

Impro supplies a broad range of components for construction equipment manufacturers, including engine fuel system parts, hydraulic system parts, and transmission system parts.

Impro also provides various one-stop solutions for all of our products, including on-site engineering support, rapid prototype development, mold design and production, high-quality casting and secondary machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, laboratory testing, product certification, warehousing and other supply chain support services.

Hydraulic Machinery and System Parts

Impro’s hydraulic systems components range from pump pistons, valve spools, sleeves, and valve bodies.

A typical hydraulic system consists of a number of complex components, including  hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, accumulators, high pressure ball valves and fittings.  Impro specializes in supplying parts for all of these applications.

Fuel Injection System Components

Components for fuel injection systems for gasoline and diesel engines are another specialty of Impro. We provide fuel injector parts, injector clamps, high pressure common rail brackets, rail and accessories, inlet connector, fuel, and metering pump parts.

Transmission System Parts

Impro provides transmission system manufacturers with gear housings, fly wheels, planetary gear sets, differential gear pin, drive shafts, pulleys, and fork, among other parts. All of these components work together to ensure the smooth operation of vehicle transmission systems. Impro ensures the same high quality across all these components, making for more reliable transmission systems.

Working with Impro

Impro is an internationally respected supplier of construction equipment. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our wide network of offices across Asia, Europe, and North America enables us to work with companies of every size on projects on any scale.

Backed by the highly experienced technicians in the industry and long-term strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Impro has the experience and connections needed to provide you with the perfect component for your applications.  We can also provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to any of challenges.

For anything related to construction equipment components, you can trust Impro to provide you with high-quality parts that meet or surpass industry standards and your company’s specific requirements.  For more information on what Impro can offer your company, contact us at any of our offices around the world.

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