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Environment Management System (EMS)

Impro is a socially responsible corporate citizen. Green and low-carbon emissions reflect our operational principles. We strive to minimize the negative impact to the environment in every step of our manufacturing process and continuously enhance the performance of our environmental management systems. To this end, we have had our facilities certified by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Impro subsidiaries in China are given Blue or Green Enterprise Status as per stringent and comprehensive standards by local and national regulatory authorities. All subsidiary plants have passed clean production audits. Our environmental programs include the following:

  • All production wastes are classified. Hazardous waste is collected and treated by qualified independent contractors
  • Impro plants are equipped with cutting fluid recycling systems that reduce the amount of waste discharge to a minimal level
  • Waste water is classified and treated at different phases of our manufacturing process. Impro surface treatment plants are equipped with world class waste water treatment and recycling systems, and emission gas treatment facilities, which have been highly praised by the local government
  • Impro plants are audited annually by local authorities. We conduct periodic internal checks to ensure that all systems operate properly, and waste discharge and emission are compliant with our internal and national/local standards. Contingency teams are installed at each of our plant locations, and periodic drills are performed to prepare for unexpected events