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Impro Industries Mexico and Impro Aerospace Mexico acquired two parcels of land in Mexico for construction of new production plant


Impross Impeller has become a non-wholly owned subsidiary of our Company.



As part of our regional expansion plan, Cengiz Makina acquired a land parcel in Turkey for the extension of our existing production facility.

– We established a new production facility in Mexico which engages in precision machining.

We acquired the Shenhai Group and Plant 8 in Haimen City, Jiangsu, China.

– We acquired Cengiz Makina in Turkey which operated a production facility.


– We acquired the BFG Group which operated three production facilities located in Germany and the Czech Republic, and extended our global footprint.

We established our regional headquarters in Europe in Luxembourg to manage sales, warehousing and logistics centres.

– We began our external growth. We acquired Impro Taizhou and Plant 7 located in Taizhou, China, which focuses on sand casting.

Our worldwide headquarters were relocated to Hong Kong.

– We received equity investments from Baring and GE, and we repurchased all the remaining Shares held by Lehman and DEG using funds from such equity investments.


– Plant 3 was awarded its first NADCAP Aerospace Special Process accreditation.

We received the AS9100 certification for our aerospace products. Plant 3 was transformed into the production facility for aerospace and medical products using our self-developed technology.

 – We received equity investment from Lehman.

 – We received equity investment from DEG.

The production facilities at Plant 2 were used for the production of precision bearing and hydraulic products.

 – The production facilities at Plant 6 were established for sand casting and secondary machining.

We were accredited with ISO9001, and ISO/IATF 16949 (in respect of automotive products).

– We started surface treatment business through the establishment of Plant 4.

– We started sand casting business through the establishment of Plant 3.

We expanded our investment casting business through the establishment of Plant 5, which has now been combined into Plant 1 following the merger of Impro Metal-Tech into Impro China.


– We established Impro Germany and our sales and customer services offices in Germany.

– We started precision machining business through the establishment of Plant 2.




– Mr. Lu established Wuxi Yingzhan and the business of manufacturing machined parts and components in Wuxi, the PRC, at Plant 1.

We established our first overseas sales and customer services office and warehouse in the United States.