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Medical Industry

investment-casting- precision-machining- components-medical Impro manufactures investment castings and precision machining components for medical equipment manufacturers. Our products are used in a variety of medical applications, including diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, biosystem equipment, prosthetics, patient handling equipment, and implants.

With longstanding partnerships with world-renowned leaders in healthcare and an ISO 13485-certified facility, Impro is widely respected within the industry for the efficiency and durability of our parts. Our comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions, highly experienced and motivated engineering teams, and strict quality control standards guarantee that you get only the highest quality components for your medical equipment needs.

Investment Casting for Medical Device Components

Investment casting is the ideal process for making components for the medical industry, ensuring the quality of the component while enabling large-scale production. Some of the components that Impro makes for medical instrument manufacturers include MRI machines, X-ray equipment, patient handling and EMS equipment, laboratory instruments, and injury-stabilizing technology.

All of these components can be manufactured using a wide array of metals, among them super alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum. Thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing process, we’re able to use any metal and tailor any component to specified shapes, dimensions, and tolerances.

Precision Machining for Medical Device Components

Impro manufactures precision machining components for a broad assortment of medical devices, including surgical, laboratory, radiology, and MRI equipment. These components are made from the high-quality metals and with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve extreme precision while heightening the quality of the finished product.

Impro uses the latest technology to manufacture these precision components. Fast turnaround times and a highly experienced team of experts ensure that you get the component you want on the ideal timeline for your company.

Impro’s Medical Device Components

Impro provides an array of one-stop-shop solutions for the medical industry. Engineered with a range of materials, our manufactured components are subjected to intensive testing to confirm their integrity and assess their performance before final distribution.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams work in conjunction with you to ensure that your products contain only the finest components to meet the demanding standards of the modern healthcare.

To learn more about our medical services and capabilities, contact us today, or visit our Impro Aerospace website.