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Medical Industry

Components in the medical industry require precise and tight tolerance construction, durability, and reliable performance. At Impro, we use investment casting and precision machining to manufacture parts that meet these requirements for a variety of medical devices and equipment. Our products are integrated into diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, biosystem equipment, prosthetics, patient handling equipment, implants, and more.

We have achieved our reputation through longstanding partnerships with medical industry leaders. Our state-of-the-art facility is ISO 13485-certified. Our experience in the industry, expert engineering and manufacturing teams, and dedication to product quality enable us to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions that result in the production and delivery of the high quality components that meet the most demanding standards of the medical industry.

For additional information on our manufacturing capabilities and how they serve applications in the medical industry, click on the button below to visit ImproAerospace.com.

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