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Component Manufacturers

Precision Component Manufacturers Impro offers a wide array of capabilities to its customers, including investment casting, sand casting, precision machining, and surface treatment. No matter your industry, Impro is your go-to source for complex, high-precision, and mission-critical components.

Impro works extensively with the automotive, aerospace, medical, high-horsepower engine, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, hydraulic equipment, and energy industries. We also provide parts and components to a broad range of other industries, including the recreational boat and vehicle, fire and security, telecommunication, forestry equipment, and food processing industries.

We further welcome inquiries from customers in other industries. With years of experience and the well-honed expertise of our engineering and manufacturing teams, we are confident that we can provide a personalized solution tailored to any need.

Working With Impro Industries

While Impro always seeks to improve our capabilities in industries where we already have a strong presence, we are also developing our manufacturing capabilities for other industries.

Impro provides one-stop solutions that enable us to engineer components from a wide range of materials. Staffed with highly-skilled experts who are not afraid to innovate, we offer rapid prototyping, mass production, and in-house special processes, inspection, and certification of products to all of our customers. We perform all of these services in our manufacturing facilities, which are outfitted with the advanced manufacturing technology in the world.

Impro’s casting component production is a comprehensive process, encompassing tooling design and manufacturing, casting, secondary machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, and finishing. We complement these services with market analysis, prototype design, product development, R&D support, logistics, and supply chain support.

Impro can manufacture components from a wide range of materials. Regardless of their source, our manufactured components are subjected to intensive testing to ensure their integrity and bolster their performance. Our engineering and manufacturing teams ensure that only the highest quality components are delivered to our customers.

Regardless of your industry or application, you can expect Impro to deliver ready-to-use products and services with speed and precision. Get started on your next project by contacting our team today.

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